Our topic is “OUR GENDERS: COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION”. But before we dive in fully, we’re going to need to set our mindset right. What is Gender Equality? First of all, remove the thought that it is about women.Don’t fight me […]

An Extra Mite to The Future

An Extra Mite to The Future

ON THE BLOG TODAY, we brought plenty of gist for you about savings. We’d be talking about”An Extra Mite to The Future”Our first question for today, What exactly comes to mind when planning your budget? How do you plan your […]


Becoming Her; Tips to Growing into Your Ideal Woman.

Becoming Her Growing up as a child,a female by gender,Radiating with the joy of my big dreams and goals,Excited with new discoveries about life, Alas! Growth happens, an inevitable change began,and like a beautiful bush of rose,growing amidst thorns,Challenges and […]

top 10 nigerian holiday locationsto visit

Top 10 Nigerian Holiday Locations To Visit.

Many of us are so keen about leaving Nigeria that we do not even consider Nigerian holiday locations as top vacation spots. We don’t seem to be able to sell the idea to ourselves here, how much more foreigners? But […]

annual calendar with dates on pink background

Hello, Second Quarter 2021!

Second quarter 2021, just like that! Did you have goals for 2021? If you did, how far gone with it are you? For me, I let my dreams and goals go to bed. I was too emotionaly drained for the […]