Who Set The 25 Year Benchmark?

Whether or not you want to accept it, the 25 year benchmark exists. at this stage, you have just begun a Quarter-Life Crisis. Who names these things right? 😂 Personally, I affirm that I’ll not experience anything like a crisis. […]

crop pitiful black woman embracing knees on bed the tomorrow syndrome


Leaders of tomorrow. Save for tomorrow. No one knows tomorrow. Everything is going to be fine tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. This is how the tomorrow syndrome builds. This is a guest post by Oyebola Oyewole Nathaniel My question is […]

Interview with raylegend photography

HD Startup Interview with RayLegend Photography

In this interview, we sit with Nwakwo Emmanuel, a photographer and student. You can call him a master of many hats. Emmanuel runs his photography brand called Raylegend Photography and I can tell that by the time you run through […]