Seven Steps To Advance Your Career In 2022

Gone are those days when people were being run after and persuaded to accept a job. The gradual evolution of the world to digital has influenced the rate of competitiveness in every sector. Now, there are thousands of specialists and […]

how to build a strong social media brand with sincere fidelis - picture storyteller

How To Build A Strong Social Media Brand

In our Tribe Session for May 2022, Sincere Fidelis (Picture Storyteller) taught Tribe members “How To Build A Strong Social Media Brand”. She talked about building a social media brand from the experience of building her brand. Read through our […]

will Nigerians ever stop believing Ponzi schemes

Will Nigerians Ever Stop Believing Ponzi Schemes?

At least once every three months, there’s social media outburst on how one Ikechukwu Olumide and his wife, Philomena ran away with investors’ money of over NGN120 Billion. They were duped. People commit suicide, dreams are lost and life abandoned. […]