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ON THE BLOG Today, we interview O’Tobi.

Odeniyi Oluwatobi who is known popularly by his fans as O’Tobi is a Nigerian Rapper who has got us always grooving to his songs. His melodic tunes, beats, and rhythm has kept us asking for more. Today, we interview him and he let us into his world.

HoneyDrops: So, first of all, thank you for doing this…     

O’TOBI: Haba. You’re welcome🥰

HoneyDrops: So, can you introduce yourself to our readers? Who is O’Tobi?

O’TOBI: That’s a big question oo. Lol

My name is Odeniyi Oluwatobi. O’Tobi is a shortened form of Oluwatobi. So, that’s coined as my stage name and my brand. It also means a lot to me as God is indeed great in my life

I’m first of a child of God and then, an artist with a mindset and vision to be a blessing to others with the talent God has given me. 

So majorly, that’s just who O’Tobi is.

HoneyDrops: Awesome… The stage name is one of the major things about you for me.

O’TOBI:   Yeah. It’s just my name

HoneyDrops: So, what made you want to do this? Have you always been interested in music or you came across someone and you knew you just had to do this?

O’TOBI: Well, Music has been in my family for a long time. You won’t believe it if I told you both of my parents could drum so well and my older ones were also people interested in music.

After a while, I also joined the choir, started playing the drums in a local church in Lagos. Interest in music started growing bigger and really came out to express itself when I got to secondary school

I started hearing other artists, loved what they do but I was more intentional of not just doing mine the way they did theirs

HoneyDrops: That’s great. So, your family had no restrictions to your joining the music industry professionally?

O’TOBI: At all

HoneyDrops: Wow that’s a load of massive supporters and a strong fanbase

O’TOBI: Oh well. I can relate. They’ve always been there to cheer me up.

HoneyDrops: So, when do you join the music industry? Officially?
O'Tobi First release - Ayo

O’TOBI: Around 2016. Especially after releasing AYO that gained way more acceptance than other records, I’ve been making.

HoneyDrops: Great, now that you have mentioned 2016, let me famz you small.
So, we did study in the same department and I know the Department of English, Unilorin is not a child’s play. How did you juggle your music career and your education?

O’TOBI: Yes ooo. Unilorin is not a school where you can easily do something tedious and time taking while trying to study.

I had shows and events to go to, had to record songs, and was also having my personal yearly event.

It wasn’t easy. I must be sincere. What I did most times was to focus on music more during holidays, then, just try to avoid most of its distractions when school resumes even though I couldn’t avoid it all. But I separated the energy.


HoneyDrops: Must take a lot of management. Well, I am glad school stress is over and the degree is the bag.

O’TOBI: Yeah yeahh, we thank God.

HoneyDrops: What has being in the music industry been like considering your genre?

O’TOBI: It’s been Good, I thank God. I’m influencing, impacting lives, and growing at the same time, which is all that matters to me.

HoneyDrops: Would you say your music had evolved or you had a definite plan of what you wanted to produce?

O’TOBI: Well, Music keeps evolving and if you don’t evolve too as an artist and develop new strategies, have your audience at heart, you might be left behind. 

There is no such thing as strictly the same today, tomorrow, and forevermore in music. Music is an art and people get tired if they can’t see that creativity evolving and fitting into times. That’s why new acts always have a place and the old ones can’t be there forever.

 Evolving is always welcome as far it doesn’t change the vision and message

HoneyDrops: Very true. The vision and message do have to stay consistent.
What is the most challenging part of being an artist and how would you describe your music? What sets you apart?

O’TOBI: Challenging part… Well, every professional artist wants to break out beyond their present position. 

I don’t see it much as a challenge, but as an opportunity to keep doing what I do, learn more, before hitting that very big picture.

My music is culture inclined. You’ll always see originality in it and I’m someone who loves that vibe yunno. I see my music as relatable to someone on the street and someone on the porch level

Image of O'Tobi while sitted
HoneyDrops: If you could, what advice would you give your younger self?

O’TOBI: I’ll tell my younger self to love God more, seek more knowledge and implement them earlier.

HoneyDrops: Any word of advice for younger artists just getting in or would like to get into the music industry?

O’TOBI: Don’t get into the industry just to blow. Have a better and bigger vision. It’ll sustain for long. Check every legend you know of.

HoneyDrops: Any new works that you’d like us to look forward to?

O’TOBI: I’ll be dropping a new song on February 19, 2021. I’m saying it here though for the first time lol. It features A’dam of Spaghetti records owned by Mike Abdul and produced by Tyanx. I really have many in stock this year. So, let’s get it. More updates will be on my social media page.

Thanks for having me guys, it’s an honor. God bless you very much and I love you!!! Yaii!

You can reach out to O’Tobi via his Instagram handle – Otobi 1.

Please leave your comments below and If you have any questions for him, kindly leave them in the comment, he’d be available to answer them.

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