Whether or not you want to accept it, the 25 year benchmark exists. at this stage, you have just begun a Quarter-Life Crisis. Who names these things right? 😂 Personally, I affirm that I’ll not experience anything like a crisis. However, there is this pressure that exists at that stage. You think about what your life will be, plans goals, the achievable and almost unachievable. This is not to scare you, though. For me, I still have a couple of years before I hit the big 25. I am sure you have the saying that “a fool at forty is a fool forever”; I’ll like to add what the world has for 25. A fool at 25 will most likely be a fool at forty and then a fool forever. Crazy dynamics, right? Marriage Before and After The 25 Year Benchmark Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.com While thinking about…

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