body shaming


How can you truly embrace yourself? I have been writing on how people are being body-shamed. How people get looked down on because they don’t fit into another person’s physical preferences. How to truly embrace yourself is a big question in your search to find your identity. I have just discovered another truth. You are what you think you are. The bible says ‘As a man thinks in his heart so he is.’ If everything you decide to listen to everything you hear, you’ll keep on getting distraught. So in our article on Body-Shaming, we said body shaming can be done by other people. Another aspect of Body shaming is when you do it to yourself. It can be caused by a number of reasons, ranging from insecurity, doubts, fear, being overly self-conscious. This can however be overcomed but it takes time, effort and consistency. When you constantly begin to question yourself based…

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