In this interview, we sit with Nwakwo Emmanuel, a photographer cum student. You can call him a master of many hats. Emmanuel runs his photography brand called Raylegend Photography and I can tell that by the time you run through his pictures you will want to be behind his lens. Tell our readers about you and your business? My name is Nwankwo Emmanuel, a prolific writer, UI/UX designer, graphics designer, and colour enthusiast. A soon to be microbiologist/biotechnologist.Raylegend Photography is a brand created to make you feel good while creating magic. What is the story behind the creation of Raylegend Photography? How long has your business been running? I stumbled upon Photography. My mom always wanted her kids to have a skill and she suggested Photography for me. I started learning and developed a passion for it. Now practising my craft is sort of a means of escape from everyday stress,…

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