Cryptocurrency in Nigeria


Today ON THE BLOG, we interview Victor Daniyan. Victor Daniyan is the founder and the Director of BULL DISCOVERY, a growing information platform in Nigeria. A brand that seeks to educate Nigerians and provide information as regards cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Honeydrops: Good evening, Sir… Welcome to the HD interview session. Victor Daniyan: Good evening, I’m delighted to have this session with you Honeydrops: Can we meet you? Victor Daniyan: My name is Victor Daniyan. I am a Telecoms Engineer with Nokia Nigeria 🇳🇬. I’m also working with some IoT firms and a crypto trader. Honeydrops: Great. You founded/started BULL DISCOVERY? Victor Daniyan: Yes, I have developed an interest in acquiring more knowledge about cryptocurrency and how it works. So, I started my findings, got involved, and I decided to create an avenue to give some of this knowledge back to society. Honeydrops: Do You mind telling us what BULL DISCOVERY is…

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