I’m a foodie by all standards. I am a food lover so much that I had to create a list of Top 10 Nigerian Street Foods for you to try out. If there’s a criterion to judge and decide who the world’s greatest foodie is, I am sure I’d be the winner of that show, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. My interest in food led me to create a list of Nigeria’s Top Foods, You can read that HERE. So let’s have it. TOP 10 NIGERIAN STREET FOODS 1. Suya First of all, make way for the king of Naija Street Food. No other food can beat this. Either beef suya or chicken suya, suya reigns supreme in the life of Nigerians. Pro tip about this amazing meal: the cloak of darkness at night adds to its sweetness (a Nigerian myth though). It simply means that it is mostly…

KATE: “…I WISH THERE WAS A COOKBOOK TO LIFE WITH ITS RECIPE TELLING US EXACTLY WHAT TO DO…”THERAPIST: “…IT IS THE RECIPE WE MAKE OURSELVES THAT ARE THE BEST”EXCERPT FROM “NO RESERVATIONS” It will actually be easier to live life if you knew what each day will throw at you. You know the exact moment you’d be happy, got promoted, get married, you’d even know when something bad is going to happen and how to prevent it. If people could actually write a book telling you what to do each day, make plans, live life according to a pattern for every second and every minute it would have been written. no two people share an experience with a hundred per cent similarity, it’s different strokes for different folks. We work with what we are giving daily; nobody asks for what they are given. Yet, some people control their own fate…

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