Every month on the blog we have community sessions for members of our tribe and for April 2022, Protecting Your Mental Health in Today’s World was our topic. This session was taken by Adewuyi Samson, Founder of Mental Space. Catch up on everything we discussed by reading this article. What Do We Understand by Mental Health? Mental health has a variety of meanings but the general one is that mental health is the cognitive, behavioural and emotional well-being of individuals. Everyone tends to develop mental health disorders regardless of age, sex, income or ethnicity. Factors that Contribute to Mental Health Illness Several factors contribute to mental health illness. The most common is social and economic pressure. When there is limited financial capabilities ethnic persecution, can increase the tendency of developing a mental health disorder.Genetics also play a vital role in determining the possibility of developing a mental health disorder. However,…

Many of us take little or no steps to protect our mental health. Have you ever heard the statement “I don’t know what went wrong, he just snapped” or “she was always cheerful and carefree, I wonder what changed or what made her snap”. This statement is quite common whenever the personality or behavior of a person changes or whenever a person carries out an action that is unlike them. So, what could really cause this? There is a popular saying that “for every action, there must always be a reaction”. However, before action can occur there must have been a cause(a reason) and a lot of forces (thoughts). Our attitude is a result of our thoughts and state of mind. Looking at the society we are in today, so many things are occurring daily, such as ASUU’s strike, the pandemic, inflation, economic crisis, and so on. Which is affecting…

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