Today, ON THE BLOG, we interview Kayode Martins Fadesere. Kayode is a graduate of The University of Ilorin. He is also a volunteer at Brain Builder Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI). He takes us in on what becoming a volunteer means in our interview with him. HoneyDrops: Thank you so much for doing this Kayode Martins: It’s my pleasure ma. Thanks for having me. HoneyDrops: Can we get to meet you? Kayode Martins: My name is Kayode Martins Fadesere, a graduate of the University of Ilorin, a global citizen, serial Volunteer and Advocate of Good governance. HoneyDrops: Great to meet you. So, how long have you been volunteering? Kayode Martins: For 4 years now. HoneyDrops: Can you give us insight as to what volunteering is all about Kayode Martins: Volunteering is an act or process of making yourself available for specific tasks either in promotion of peace, civic engagement, community development etc without…

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