Becoming Her Growing up as a child,a female by gender,Radiating with the joy of my big dreams and goals,Excited with new discoveries about life,Alas! Growth happens, an inevitable change began,and like a beautiful bush of rose,growing amidst thorns,Challenges and trials came,trying to choke and shape me,But onward I press,For I have a goal,I strive to achieve my dream,I thrive to become her,searching for an answer to the question in my heart,will you help me?will you answer my question?How do I become her?,The woman of my dream!Poem written by Adeyanju Oluwatoyin How do I become in reality, the woman I always dream of becoming? If we carefully read through this poem, we will realize that the lady here is all of us during a stage or a phase or the other, growing up through different stages.Your ideal woman isn’t a perfectionist but a woman who has discovered herself and who is…

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