I have heard a lot of Doyin, I don’t read your blog because you say it’s for Gen Zs’ Wait, What? Why? Saying the blog is for Gen Zs is to Niche Down, my good people. Also, the blog has been read by a lot of people before it became a bit audience-specific. Truthfully, many times, I know you are interested in the topics because they concern you but once you see Gen Z your mind is closed to it. But do you know whether you are Gen Z or not? Let’s start from there. Quick Differences Between Millenials and Gen Zs Photo by Joshua Mcknight on Pexels.com Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to people born from 1997 to 2012. millennials are born from 1980 t0 1996. Although some experts extend it to 2000. It is not an age grouping but a year of birth grouping. If you check it through,…

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