How to leave 2022 empty? Really, Doyin? Yes, and I mean it. This is the first blog post for 2022! I am excited for a whole lot of reasons. One is because the urge to write and share is back. So much that I have tagged this year A YEAR OF RELEASE. If you are asking why then you should sign up for my newsletter here and read my last mail. Once you are signed up, let’s continue. I have learnt that asides from saying release, you have to give all. So, we are leaving 2022 empty. I feel like I travelled through 2021 not doing what I ought to do. I wasn’t thriving or living, I was basically surviving and it is tiring. It wasn’t me. It felt plastic. However, the plan is to make 2022 different. so, how are we doing it? 7 Steps on How to Leave…

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