ON THE BLOG Today, we interview O’Tobi. Odeniyi Oluwatobi who is known popularly by his fans as O’Tobi is a Nigerian Rapper who has got us always grooving to his songs. His melodic tunes, beats, and rhythm has kept us asking for more. Today, we interview him and he let us into his world. HoneyDrops: So, first of all, thank you for doing this… O’TOBI: Haba. You’re welcome🥰 HoneyDrops: So, can you introduce yourself to our readers? Who is O’Tobi? O’TOBI: That’s a big question oo. Lol My name is Odeniyi Oluwatobi. O’Tobi is a shortened form of Oluwatobi. So, that’s coined as my stage name and my brand. It also means a lot to me as God is indeed great in my life I’m first of a child of God and then, an artist with a mindset and vision to be a blessing to others with the talent God…

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