the tomorrow syndrome


Leaders of tomorrow. Save for tomorrow. No one knows tomorrow. Everything is going to be fine tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. This is how the tomorrow syndrome builds. This is a guest post by Oyebola Oyewole Nathaniel My question is “Why are we so obsessed about tomorrow?” “Why do we care so much about tomorrow that we leave the present day to focus more on tomorrow? “ I’m sure you are wondering why I came up with this piece. In all sincerity, all I see is people being so bothered about their tomorrow they overstress themselves on the unknown. Many people cannot live in the present again as all they bother about is securing tomorrow. However, “have you achieved your goal for today?” Don’t Stop Planning Photo by Team Maestroo on Pexels.com I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan for your future. Don’t get it wrong. Or that you should not work…

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