Yoruba Demons


Yoruba demons have started again. 😅 2022 has not started but they are unleashed. They have almost broken my heart in January that is not even up to 3 weeks. I hope many make it to February 14. Disclaimer: please understand sarcasm, don’t break up with your boo because of this post 😅 but if you see red flags, you know what to do. Also, this post bears no resemblance to any person living or dead (all those things in Indian movies). Then, I am a lady and so is my perspective 🤗 Let’s continue in love… What Does Yoruba Demon Mean? Yoruba demons don’t mean the horn walking beings or agents of the devil. The type you see in Agbara Nla by Mount Zion. Yoruba demon is a coinage used to represent playboys, playboys who are Yoruba speaking. Your Tunde Femi, Dayo, Wale, I have removed one name because…

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