So, I was thinking that over the years we all, both male and female, have loved and been hurt. Most especially, for reasons we don’t seem to understand.

People get hurt for a lot of reasons that seem farfetched. Everything that goes wrong in the relationship is definitely your fault. But you know you try to work things out. Be perfect. Be real & Be you. Change it all up. Fix the disabled. Perfect the imperfections.

You just know sometimes that you can’t fix all things and you can’t be at fault all the time. You can’t be the only one working to fix things up.

I mean, why struggle so hard for a relationship that doesn’t seem to be working….

For this reason, I’ll be writing to the men I once loved.

They have to see what they lost, what they couldn’t see, how I got better all through the years.

It’s a shame though if you don’t love…Why not leave in peace? Why wreak havoc?

To The Men I Once Loved


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