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Restarting My Blog in 2023

Starting a blog is easy. But restarting, nobody told me it will be this difficult. I never thought I’d get to a point where I thought I’d have to go through an entire process and tag it as ‘restarting my […]

Personal Finance for Gen Z

In the HD Tribe Session for October 2022, Alade Elizabeth of MoneyTokWithBúkì taught Tribe members about “Personal Finance for Gen Z.” She exposed us to what personal finance entails, the terms associated with it and how to set financial goals. […]

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Do I Need A Birthday Wishlist?

In another 30 days, I’ll be older. The thrill of all this birthday hullabaloo is always fascinating in these times. The sudden rush to start keeping tabs on goals. What have I achieved? What is yet to be done? There […]

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How To Deal With Procrastination As A Gen Z

Have you met the world’s biggest procrastinator yet? If you haven’t, then you have come to the right place. Meet me, I procrastinate like everybody else in the world. I have been making plans to write for close to a […]

the truth about jealousy in friendships

The Truth About Jealousy in Friendships

You might be wondering how we got here. Well, in fact, the biggest fact is that “jealousy in friendship is a thing.” We all try to downplay it, but it exists. We are all jealous of our friends, and I’ll […]

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5 Tips for New Social Media Managers

With the rise of job opportunities in the creative world and the fact that some of these job opportunities are remote. These jobs don’t need your physical presence. Many people are jumping into the creative world, but sometimes, with little […]

a beginner's guide to blogging

A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging

When you want to start a side hustle, a new career, a new business, or a new passive income source, one thing that coaches and the internet will tell you is to start a blog. But how do you go […]

How To Break Away From A Toxic Relationship

How To Break Away From Toxic Relationships

In our Tribe Session for June 2022, Oyewole Oyebola of Timey Thoughts taught Tribe members “How To Break Away From Toxic Relationships”. He taught on signs of toxic relationships. He also exposed us to how such relationships start, what to […]

Seven Steps To Advance Your Career In 2022

Gone are those days when people were being run after and persuaded to accept a job. The gradual evolution of the world to digital has influenced the rate of competitiveness in every sector. Now, there are thousands of specialists and […]

how to build a strong social media brand with sincere fidelis - picture storyteller

How To Build A Strong Social Media Brand

In our Tribe Session for May 2022, Sincere Fidelis (Picture Storyteller) taught Tribe members “How To Build A Strong Social Media Brand”. She talked about building a social media brand from the experience of building her brand. Read through our […]