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HD Startup Interview with RayLegend Photography

HD Startup Interview with RayLegend Photography

In this interview, we sit with Nwakwo Emmanuel, a photographer and student. You can call him a master of many hats. Emmanuel runs his photography brand called Raylegend Photography and I can tell that by the time you run through his pictures you will want to be behind his lens.

Tell our readers about you and your business?

My name is Nwankwo Emmanuel, a prolific writer, UI/UX designer, graphics designer, and colour enthusiast. A soon to be microbiologist/biotechnologist.
Raylegend Photography is a brand created to make you feel good while creating magic.

What is the story behind the creation of Raylegend Photography? How long has your business been running?

I stumbled upon Photography. My mom always wanted her kids to have a skill and she suggested Photography for me. I started learning and developed a passion for it. Now practising my craft is sort of a means of escape from everyday stress, a place where I can truly be myself, one with the amazing creation that is being conceptualised. Raylegend Photography is aimed at capturing those moments when you’re one with yourself, the best version of you there can ever be.
We’ve been active for almost a year now.

What has your experience been running a business like yours in Nigeria? What is the best and worst part?

The experience has been insightful as it brings about resilience and originality. There’s a lot of competition in this sphere of business. In a bid to outpace a fellow photographer, one can easily lose focus of the reason we’re into it in the first place.
Also, the ever-increasing price of gadgets could be frustrating. I remember after having saved up for my first camera, to find out that its value has doubled in price. This almost got me depressed but I had to keep going till my goal is actualized.
The best part for me is that there is still a lot to do, a lot of places to explore, a lot of concepts to try out, a lot to learn.
This is thrilling and I can’t wait to do them all.

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Where do you see Raylegend Photography in the next 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 5 Years from now?

I am currently schooling at the University of Ibadan. During the next one month, the brand should be establishing itself within the school and its environs.
In the following months, I plan to train and hire assistants that would help in furthering the growth of the brand.
In the long run, the plan is that whenever anyone thinks of creating or having a captured piece that is exceptional for its quality and feel, you’ll think of Raylegend Photography. 

Since you conceptualised this idea, what has been your biggest lesson?

Photography has made me realize that however far or out of reach that which you aim for seems to be, it is closer than you think. All you need to do is put your back to it and don’t stop till you achieve it.

What do you need to take your business to the next level? And why should investors buy into your business?

Raylegend Photography is all about creating memories and works of art that is bound to create a sense of oneness with oneself and his/her/their immediate environment.
Photography is a very wide field. While I make use of the gadgets I own to their optimal best, there is still a lot that I cannot do because of the cost of the gadgets needed to create them.
The goal of investment is returned value, monetary or otherwise. We would not disappoint in whichever aspect any investor would want a return for.
What the brand needs now is very good publicity and funding for better gadgets.

What’s your advice for those willing to tow in this line?

Always keep pushing. Never be satisfied with where you are now. There is still a lot to learn and do. Laxity would only bring about redundancy.

Finally, what should we expect from Raylegend Photography?

Premium value and an unparalleled experience.

How can we contact Raylegend Photography?

We are on Instagram and Facebook @Raylegend Photography and you can contact us on WhatsApp with this number 09083438570. You can also call or leave a message with this number 07050351910.

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