How do you deal with a lover that doesn’t communicate? Or goes incommunicado on you? What do you do when efforts to reach out fails? I mean a relationship is meant to be a hundred per cent. What happens when one of the two parties is setting up a wall so high that words, emotions and feelings can’t scale through?

This is not just limited to lovers, family and friends who bear this communication problem. Once two people or more have a relationship based on familial grounds, friendship, work…efforts should definitely be made to make communication flow effortlessly.

Language scholars all agree that most of the world problems are caused by communication and communication is the solution to most of this problems. How does your partner know that something is wrong when you don’t voice out? Ignoring and cutting him or her off, pushing them away.

I believe this is one of the reasons relationships fail to work. Eventually, no more effort can be put in as a lack of feedback leaves one party frustrated. Unhealthy thoughts set in. When you can’t talk, you think, thinking to deep can rip on of reality.


It’s crazy that most people do not know what receiving love feels like. Giving out love and receiving it backs creates hope, having that hope cut off is life draining. Most people that are hurt develop into two possibilities. One, such a person begins hurting other people and two, the person has high anxiety issues.

Talk things through, share your problems, feelings and emotions. If you know you are not interested anymore, say it and let a soul free. Love is not tipatipa (by force).

For people in such relationships, a voice out then let depression take over. If there’s no improvement, get out. A big red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. Life is short. Enjoy every day. With ease. Stress free.



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