Would you rather speak your native Nigerian language or the English language? Ordinarily, there shouldn’t be any reason to compare but then, the gap between those that speak only the English language and those who combine both keep increasing in Nigeria.

The language that you and I speak has always been an issue. If I speak English or I speak Yoruba, it would always spark a reaction.

Also, if I can speak English, it’s good. If I can’t, it is fairly good but bad because it will affect my education or job hunting but at least I can communicate effectively.

If I can speak Yoruba or Igbo or Hausa or any other indigenous language, basically, my own native language. Then, I am a real, correct Nigerian. But, when I can’t and I was not brought up abroad, something is wrong. It is either I am forming, or my parents didn’t teach me.


There’s always the joy of speaking your language. When you can’t use it, something is missing. Let us agree to disagree.

For those, who can’t have you ever been in a gist where everybody is using your language, you understand o but you can’t respond back? So, you just keep quiet and watch. Or somebody should just insult you and you can’t respond because you don’t even know what was said.

Some people take joy in jesting those who can’t. It is weird though.

So, somebody said, “Doyin at least you have been in Ilorin for four years and you can’t speak Yoruba?”. Somebody called me Igbo one day.


I remember going to the market one day. I knew the woman wanted to cheat me. Luckily for me, a coursemate was passing and that was my saving grace. My final resort now is to be speaking pidgin English which is not even smooth.

As long as I know what you are trying to say and I give you the correct response, we don’t have issues. But they say, the gist will not be sweet. Or then, there is no secret.

Our language, our tribe, our dialect etc. are what bind us together. The Tower of Babel was built when the people were together and united because they had one tongue. They could do anything they wanted.

One way or another language is as important to man as breathing is. Little wonder why we laugh, reply, frown, produce a lot of reactions and responses when we speak and listen, in other words, we interact. Language specialists or linguists continue to say that language is as old as man. Whether the earliest man had begun to talk or shout, used sign language like gestures and facial expressions, the most important thing was that he communicated.

We would always see things based on the language we speak. Our views and perception are based on our language. Our way of life, culture, taboos, the things we accept and reject at all are determined by our tongue.

I don’t have a choice I have to learn.

What do you think? Would you rather speak your native Nigerian language or the English language? Answer at the comment section and tell us why.



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