You meet a guy, you ‘fall in love, start dating, get married and have children but you don’t enjoy your marriage. Why? Because there’s a girl whose main goal in life is to date a married man. Or the ones who go after married men because they need someone to pay their bills and have a false sense of security. It is very sad to see that married women no longer enjoy their marriage. Every day, we read stories of women who have been with the guy since he had absolutely nothing, even the ones who met ‘ready-made guys’ but still help them get even better, yet they don’t enjoy their marriage. Some men even do more for these girls than for their own wives. We hear of how a man would buy his concubine iPhones, rent apartments and neglect their duties at home.

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Almost every day, rich married men troll university campus to pick up female students. I have been to the mall on two occasions and have these married trolls after me and a friend. Guess the wives are lucky that our sense of worth is very high.

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In some cases, though, where we having young married men I don’t think they are at fault, though, it is wrong to cheat on your wife. Some women are nonchalant towards their husbands. A man married you when you were probably size 8 and in three years after just 1 child you have tripled in size and you’ve refused to heed to get your weight trimmed down. Say you even have a medical condition, kindly, communicate with your husband. You are partners.

Or you have just refused to be fashioned conscious, or even become romantic. Times are changing. Men see a lot outside and are easily moved, would be great to see your wife try something new, but, some women, it’s a NO

Some men actually try; it’s their wives who push them outside.

And the aunties that will not leave somebody’s husband alone, your time is coming. I heard the story of a lady who got pregnant for a married man. The man’s wife told her she won’t give birth to the child on earth (Yoruba people sha). The young lady died in pain with the pregnancy. Don’t go diabolical ooo. I read also a story where a lady said she was met a married man, he was in pain and all and she felt she was his hope, hope for what? Ladies don’t be desperate.

How many times do we have to hear of how a married man promises to leave his home for you? I pray ladies to wise up. Most of these single ladies live bitter lives, so, they do not care whose home gets destroyed or whose happiness is ruined. Men are like Samson and these ladies are Delilah, wives and children are like the Israelites who’ll be left vulnerable.

If you have a cheating partner:

  • Check the root of your relationships. The foundation, some are shaky, they were never established correctly.
  • Learn to listen to your partner.
  • Check what has changed over the years.
  • Adjust suitably were corrections has been made.
  • Pray to God for healing.
  • Inasmuch as the bible hates divorce, once violence is involved and your mental health and your children are at stake, PLEASE LEAVE
  • Some men will never change and you can’t even change another person. Try to save your peace

Talk to someone, a pastor or counsellor. Don’t house pain, don’t be depressed.

Have ideas and thoughts on how to save broken relationships, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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