The saying goes that “20 friends don’t play together for 20 years”. I had always looked forward to breaking that saying with two of my friends I was beginning the countdown. However, things have gone south. Painful though, I wanted to laugh at that myth together with the two of them. I’m still going to break that myth with my other friends I have a very big circle.

So the question is, how long should friendship last?

It should be an entire lifetime. Let’s forget about how close you can even get, the quality of your friendship is all that matters. In Nigeria, here, you hear of how people have friends that they are closer to than others. There’s a rank and hierarchy, there are some people that are tagged as better than others. Some are based on how loyal they are, others for their reliability, some for their trustworthiness.

The length of your friendship is something that should last from the beginning of you knowing each other ’till death do you part’.

Friends should be people who influence each other positively. What happens when you shuffle that list every 2 years or less? You’d only know a lot of people and have relationships that cannot stand the test of time…

True friendship should be able to pass through the test of time, adversity, distance, changes, growth and development.

Nigerian mothers would always tell you to be wary of the type of friends you keep… it’s true though, ‘bad company corrupts good manners’. My mom would say she doesn’t have any friends and I just laugh, its true though asides from close family and associates, I don’t think I see her with a lot of people called friends and I have heard some of my friend’s mom say similar things.


What’s wrong with our generation?

Friends are cool, good, you get someone to bank on.

I think what we are being told to avoid are what I like to call “parasitic friends”. These friends will only drain you like parasites do and cause harm to you. There is no value attached to their friendship. We hear of ladies whose partner leave them for their friends, who are under ‘attack ‘from their friends. Some friends set you up for failure, setbacks and the likes anything to keep you down, jealousy and lies.

The “commensal” friends are not bad or good either. But it’s still not safe, 1 person is just benefiting and the other is not.

You don’t need a crowd to know you have friends.

You don’t need a crowd to have friends.

Build a long-lasting relationship and keep it that way. No man can be alone. Even if you do not know, you have one true friend.

20 years is just a construct of the mind. Real friendships are for life.

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