So many people have different ideas as to what beauty is and what beauty shouldn’t be. Now, can we have an idea as to what our definition of beauty should be? Does beauty always have to revolve around women? Oh well, we already have HANDSOME men.

Over time, meanings associated with the word beauty have become farfetched. Now, we do not know if people make reference to the physical, the body, or to the soul or to the spirit. Yet, all these are what make humans in their complete form. Every human being on earth definitely has to have a spirit, soul and body.

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Beauty, like I’d like to say, is a man-made concept that has revolved around women for years and would definitely continue. The beauty and fashion industry seem to be making a whole lot of money from providing visible inclusions to improving the overall and everyday looks of women. Who doesn’t like to look stunning and attractive to both men and women? Although, it doesn’t hurt to look good; How about the side effects? Yes, the side effects of pursuing endless physical allusions are regarded as beauty. Like it or not what people consider to be beautiful changes with each passing day. Yesterday was fat, plump, full figure, monotone; today could be tall and short altogether, light and dark and then, who knows what tomorrow holds? So many alterations and people do not even know where they stand anymore. All of this has led to body shaming and the changes people undertake over time. Check this post on that MY THOUGHTS ON BODY SHAMING…

And girl, be comfortable in your own skin.

Remember, we said humans had a body, spirit and soul, yes.

To the soul now, how can our soul be beautiful? Well, our soul has been said to be made up of our intuition, will, feelings, mind, thoughts, emotion… I’ll just say what kind of vibes do people get when they meet you? What sort of energy do you portend? Do you ooze out positivity, love, joy, kindness, peace, patience, tolerance? I definitely cannot stay with someone who kills the joy in me whenever we meet irrespective of the pretty face, what kind of impression do you leave on people when you are meeting for the first time? Those are the things that count. How do you impact people? What sort of temperament do you have? How does your personality rub off on people? What goes on in your heart will reflect on your face. If you think old, you’ll look old. If you are all moody and weary, trust me your face won’t be left out. A merry heart is like medicine. A broken spirit…


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