The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini tells the story of an Afghani Writer. Amir was born in Kabul, Afghanistan to one of the wealthiest and important men at that time. Amir grew up without his mother as she died while giving birth to him. He lived with his servant-friend, Hassan and his father, Ali (who also grew up together with his father).
Amir was born to a generation who witnessed what life meant in Afghanistan before the Taliban.

the kite runner by khaled hosseini

Fleeing Afghan to Amir was like running away from his past. Amir had betrayed his friend, Hassan. From an early age, he wondered why his father treated Hassan not only as a servant but as a son. Hassan and Amir had totally different characteristics. While Hassan was strong and open, Amir was timid and withdrew himself to his mother’s book.

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Amir felt the need to be constantly validated by his father and felt the comparison the father had set up between him and Hassan. However, Hassan remained a true and loyal friend until his death, enough to be molested and sexually assaulted. Amir watched Hassan as he was being assaulted, hiding in the corners and unable to fight for his loyal servant-friend. Being unable to live with the guilt asked his father to send them away, this resulted in widening the gap between father and son as his father vehemently refused and warned him never to mention it.

The seeds of envy had been planted and kept growing until Amir hatched a plan that would see Hassan and his father, Ali removed from their house.

Series of political upturns which further led to the coming of the Taliban, Amir, and his father were forced to flee Kabul, travelling through Pakistan in a fuel truck.

Years later after struggling to meet ends meet together with his father in America, Amir was able to graduate college. He decided to become a writer and studied English much to his fathers’ chagrin.


Amir lost his father to cancer.

Amir got married to an Afghani lady, Soraya, but for 15 years, they were unable to have children.

A call from Pakistan would change their lives. Cure years of being an insomniac. Right all wrongs. An actual that would settle all songs.

Hassan was dead. He was Amir’s half younger brother. A product of his father’s adultery. A son that could not be claimed due to pride and racial discrimination.

Hassan had a son in the hands of the man who had assaulted him when he was a boy, a Taliban. What would Amir do?

A story of love, loyalty, family, friendship, racial discrimination, war etc.


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