Don’t you sometimes think that perfection could be overrated? Or that perfection ruins the fun of the movement? I see perfection as a cankerworm eating deep into the soul. Basically, ruining everything.

The urge to have all things perfect, flawless, no mistake is a sign of so many issues left untouched. Chasing perfection just shows that there, definitely, is weakness and there is the desire to leave it hidden. Nothing can be perfect. It just has to be that way but it can be close to being flawless.

Guess now that the thought of something being perfect or being flawless is confusing. Both hold a hinge of similitude but there is quite a distance in between both.

Jane has in her terms, the perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect hair. Everything was perfect including her boyfriend. However, her relationship wasn’t perfect. Why? For someone who loves perfection, Jane couldn’t let her boyfriend do anything for her. She did everything herself because; she felt he couldn’t handle it to her satisfaction.

Whatsoever it was, the boyfriend felt left out. His confidence and self-esteem were totally running low. For Jane what could be done? She is the perfect lady and he is the perfect guy, why is the relationship imperfect?

This dire need for perfection doesn’t only affect Jane or only relationships. Meticulously putting things in order can create far bigger problems. We begin to have people pop up with conditions like Obsessive-compulsive disorder, narcissist tendencies, very large egos amidst a lot of other cases.

Yes, it’s good for things to be perfect and done right but when everything becomes overly perfect, then trouble is looming.

Business relationships, intimate and familial relationships and friendships are destroyed by perfection.

In relationships, we want 100%, not 101%. When one party feels they are giving more than the other, something is wrong.

Enjoy life. Enjoy what you love doing and enjoy your relationships.

Don’t leave out having fun for the want of perfect…

We just might be loved for the very flaw we wish to take away.

Removing the flaw may be what ruins everything.

There’s a tint of perfect in imperfect. Flaws are also beautiful.

We all have to learn to embrace our flaws, without them we won’t be perfect. These flaws make our stories complete. I am not saying we allow ‘mistakes’. Correct the correctable but don’t lose your mind and soul for the want of perfection. Trying to fix what you think is spoilt may even damage the whole situation.

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