Just imagine being a young lady between the age of 20 to 25. It feels like a very long period to transition into the fullness of womanhood.
There are a lot of ways the society has found just to put pressure on the everyday 21st century woman. Things that you might even begin to ask yourself if it still belongs to your age and time. Things you thought have been dealt with only to find out that they are still in existence. Funnily enough, as the age expands, so does the problems and pressure expand with it. It is still the same issues though, we have just found ways to make them bigger and fit into our contemporary age, life and setting.



First, you’d think we have finally accepted that at least some percentage of Africans are beginning to accept that there’s no ripe age for marriage again do things at your pace, don’t just let it get too far, don’t be too early or late. Now, women are pushing back. Women want more freedom from that. What if I am never just ready? Or what if I don’t want to get married at all? Why fit into all the norms? Our society is not ready for that. I mean we just finished dealing with the age issue and now, you ladies are asking not to get married at all. Please, slow it down a bit.


I decide to get married but I am not ready for children. Luckily enough for me, my partner is fine with it but what if he is not? Then, the pressure of families comes. Simple advice, I think we should hear is, do what you want but don’t be too late


For the younger categories of ladies, theirs is stereotyping that exist but really, it should be wiped. Most people believe that immediately a lady is done with tertiary education, if she is not getting married she should at least have a potential suitor. While another category of parents prefer you pursue a second degree or postgraduate studies. The pressure is so on. Decide to even get a postgraduate degree then you get too much book is not good for a woman. At one point it was no book and at another point, it is don’t get too much. Can education ever be much?

Tips to Becoming Your Ideal Woman.


Well, feminists have had this one coming for a long. The whole equal rights thing with the male gender has been dragged on for so long. However, it’s beginning to yield results (even though I feel the majority of it are for the wrong reasons). It turns out now every lady/woman should be up and doing which should be the case though, but really, take the pressure off. Everyone is trying in their own little way to make a head start. Can we stop placing our own criteria in measuring the success of the woman folk? Ladies, you asked for it so live up to it.


Nobody wants to be around a lady who is not confident, unnatural and the likes. Have we ever thought to step on the breaks for once? A lady is who she is, she is her own person, she struggles enough to keep up with her personality, live up to her name… most people especially men have ways of comparing every woman in their life to someone either consciously or unconsciously. A lady who is still building up that strength might lose it or just find it hard to balance. Give everyone time. This is so hard on shy introverts because I am shy though doesn’t mean I don’t have enough strength.


I won’t shout much on this. Because a man cooks better than I am, cleans better than I etc. doesn’t make me less of a woman, it doesn’t make me undomesticated. If it comes with our joint agreement, sacrifices and compromises, let no third party put it asunder. Dear men, women are not in competition with you in your relationships. We respect you, leave it that way. Don’t push it.

Please, leave a comment as to what you feel are the pressures women face.

It is no much more a man’s world as it is a woman’s world. It is your world. Do whatever you want with it. Inspire confidence in everyone you meet to be the best of you.


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