5 Tips for New Social Media Managers

5 Tips for New Social Media Managers

With the rise of job opportunities in the creative world and the fact that some of these job opportunities are remote. These jobs don�t need your physical presence. Many people are jumping into the creative world, but sometimes, with little or no understanding of what it entails to be successful. In this article, Sincere Fidelis will be sharing with you 5 tips for new social media managers.

Social Media Management is one of the most popular creative jobs for remote workers. But apart from the theoretical and practical knowledge, you need to become a social media manager, you also need to have some tips and tricks in mind. These tips will help your journey as a newbie in the social media management world.

Top 5 Tips for New Social Media Managers

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Set clear boundaries and observe during your onboarding process.

A lot of social media managers complain about issues with clients. Issues that should be taken care of during their onboarding process. If you only accept payment before a job begins or don�t take instalment payments, tell the client while onboarding. Tell the client during onboarding if you don�t answer work calls or messages by 10 p.m. Also, ensure it�s detailed in your contract.

Don�t ask questions about the job alone. Try to listen to the client�s tone, speech, etc. and ensure you can work with this client.

Ensure you have a contract and that there are no loopholes.

Ensure you have a contract and then read your contract thoroughly. Make sure every information you want to be stated there is present. The words used are written correctly and no mistake was made. There are no flexible sentences that would be to your disadvantage. For example, a sentence like �you would create 1 feed post daily unless there are unforeseen circumstances� is not a fixed sentence. What would be seen as unforeseen circumstances? How long would it last? How many feed posts would you create daily in unforeseen circumstances?

Take advantage of as many free/paid tools as possible.

There are a lot of tools that make the work of social media management more accessible and faster. Scheduling tools like Buffer and Meta Business Suite. Content organization tools like Trello and Notion. Also, designing tools like Canva, among others.

Some of these tools have free versions you can use without paying a dime. Use them until you can afford to get the paid version. Or when your tasks need some benefits only the paid version can provide. You must not use the paid version of the tools immediately if you can�t afford it or need it.

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Ensure you do not over promise.

As a social media manager, it�s better to under-promise and over-perform than to over-promise and then, underperform.

When you tell a client you would get them 1000 organic followers on Instagram in 1 week, without Ads. Or without buying followers, a brand new account, with 3 feed posts a week. With the Instagram Algorithm? Ensure you say what you can do and don�t over-promise so you can get the job.

Join a community.

A community can help you in a lot of ways. From your questions being answered for free by members, to getting motivation when feeling down. As well as the sharing of opportunities with the community members. A community would make your job as a social media manager less lonely and reduce some stress.

Being a successful and less frustrated social media manager can be achieved by putting a few tips into practice.

Are you a new or old social media manager? Do you use any of the above tips in your social media journey? These 5 tips will make your journey as a new social media manager smooth, productive and successful.

Remember to leave a comment with how your experience has been, and if you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section.

This is a guest post by Sincere Fidelis.�

Sincere Fidelis is a content writer, social media and community manager, and a new Instagram creative consultant. You can find out more about my brand and my work here.

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