IT'S GEN Z Season

Hello, It’s Gen Z Season

I’m sure you’d be wondering what this Gen Z thing is all about. Well, it’s Gen Z Season. So why is Doyinsola always screaming Gen Z everywhere? Why are you seeing it all over your social media? Gen Z shouldn’t be a strange term to you but if it is, […]

Is Living Alone Worth It

Is Living Alone Worth It?

There is a new theory going around that young people should live alone for a while before they get to start their own family. Why? Self-Discovery, Independence, Clarity etc. Well, it’s not like you can’t get all this at home with parents but it’s a different feel. But, is living […]

what causes depression


These days we hear a lot of how suicide is being committed amidst the youth. What causes this? Why will someone end his/her life when it hasn�t even started? A life that has not reached its peak or climax would just be ended abruptly. Part of the reasons for suicide […]