Do Men Know What They Want?

Do Men Know What They Want?

From the time that I had thought about doing this series till now, I have gone through a lot of phases, from breakfast to no breakfast, dinner, and lunch. But hey, we are here, finally. Welcome to Confessions of a Single Woman, a 10-story episode of love, laughter, goosebumps, breakfast, and tears from a 23-year-old Gen Z woman. First on our list is the number one question that pops into your mind when you are reeling from heartbreak: Is it true that men know what they want?

The first thing that will pop up in your mind is: What does this young woman know about questions like this? The truth is, I don’t. I am like Jon Snow; I know nothing. But isn’t that what we are all after? Well, I have some for you. After all, it is a confession. Pick what resonates truly with you. I once wrote on this topic a while back, and I was asked for part 2, and this is it. You should also see what I had to say about the epidemic of Yoruba demons

Now let’s get to it.

Do Men Know What They Want?
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Do men know what they want?

The answer is straight and simple: yes, they do. Men know what they want. Any man who comes dillydallying and acting all confused is exactly what he is: an actor. Men do know what they want, and they know who they want it from. The struggle is simply finding the person who wants to get what they want in full. Whether in full or for temporary selfish movements, they surely do know whatever it is that they want, need, and must have.

Dear women, don’t be lied to.

My dear male friends, don’t be pissed, but I best believe you know I am right.

How about women? Do women know what they want?

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Yes, straight and direct. Women will tell you what they want. They won’t leave you hanging like the other gender would. Whether it is money, security, or love, you are aware from the onset. No games, because she will rather hold you by your neck and say you’re lacking somewhere than beat around the bush or play silent games.

People on social media, especially on that app called X, will disagree and feed you tales. If you are genuine and intentional about a relationship, you will know what your partner wants. Because of something sweet called communication. Love is not that hard.

The key point to note when you mess around with either male or female is that Shege knows no gender, and breakfast will sneak up on you like a child. So how do you tell a man who knows what he wants and one who doesn’t?

How do you know a man who knows what he wants?

Yikes! This is big. Can you really know? Well, here is a start. Men know what they want and here is how you will find out

Honest and Direct Communication

He tells you upfront. Communication is big. No tongue-biting or retracting words later. A man who knows what he wants in a relationship will prioritise transparency and honesty. In doing this, he won’t hold back important information or hide his true feelings, goals, or intentions. With you, he’s comfortable sharing his thoughts, concerns, and desires. Also, he encourages you to do the same. This openness fosters trust and understanding between both partners.

Consistency between Words and Actions

His action marks his words. If you meet a man who says A today and does B tomorrow, precious sister of God, please run for your life as fast as your legs can carry you. Communication isn’t a one-time thing. As I said, a man who knows what he wants will consistently maintain open and honest communication.

No Mind Games or Second-Guessing

There is no time for silent games. Dear Sis, the thought is not in your head. Once you start to second-guess, doubt your intellect, or feel like he is playing mind games, depart. I’ll be St. Paul and give you a characteristic of love. Love is not manipulative. Don’t let your mental health be toyed with. Remember that you are loved at home. If you are a part of this community, I love you.

Avoids Isolation and Manipulation

He doesn’t try to isolate you. Or separate you from friends and family. Or he makes himself the only mouth in your ear. Only Yoruba demons, or less ethnic-specific players, will do this. When breakfast comes, you will be left alone. avoid it.

Equality and Effort in the Relationship

Relationships are a two-way street. If one partner gives more than the other, it’s game up. We can’t all give equally, in the same amount, or at the same time. But relationships are like a team relay race; one team member cannot just run the entire 400 metres while the others trudge along. Give as much effort as you can. It’s not perfect, and there will be lapses, but don’t overcompensate for your partner’s lackadaisical ways.

Guarantees Your Emotional Safety

Knowing that your partner won’t suddenly change their mind or withhold important information provides emotional safety. Also, this kind of security allows you to express yourself without the fear of negative repercussions, which is essential for the growth and health of the relationship.

Conflict Resolution is not War

In any relationship, conflicts are bound to arise. A man who knows what he wants will address these conflicts maturely and constructively. He won’t resort to silence or passive-aggressive behaviour. Instead, he will be willing to engage in honest discussions to find solutions and resolve issues.

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Finally, don’t judge what a particular individual wants by what a group says. Let the person open their mouth and talk. If they say they don’t want you to let go, no matter how difficult it is, They have said that they want to be left alone. Saying this makes me think that when we find men who know what they want, women hear but don’t listen. How do we solve this dilemma?

Well, I am not an expert on love. So, as financial advisers will say, take it at your own risk. I am only a pointer. This is, after all, the confession of a single woman.

Dear men, do better

Dear women, Please don’t settle. You can have it all

I have come to the end of my first rant and bant on Confessions of A Single Woman. If you’d love to share your thoughts on whether men know what they want, please leave a comment. I am here to respond.

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Till I come your away again, a drop of honey for your day.

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