Ojo Aje is the first day of the week for Yorubas Do you hold on to superstitions? Or do you believe in myths? Do you let it affect your outlook on life? Must we have myths for everything? What do they to us?

The Yoruba people of Nigeria have this myth concerning the first working day of the week which is Monday. Monday is known as Ojo Aje… Aje meaning wealth, sales, fame and a couple of other things.

ojo aje

The day Money joined Orisa on earth is called Ojo Aje. The myth holds that whatever happens to you on Monday will happen to you all through that week… So many Yoruba traders pray for bountiful sales, new customers and are unusually nice. They don’t want to meet anyone with evil omen, they are clairvoyant, have this sixth sense on Mondays….

With myths like this, how do people mark the “what will be will be” saying as erroneous…

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Yes, I think what will be will be. I also think that a lot of things can be changed either good or bad, nothing is a coincidence, it can’t all be good and it can’t all be bad, yet I want it smooth…

What you believe in is what overtakes you…

Just be positive, stay positive..

Well, for the myth…Definitely avoid trouble “evil omen” and like the Yoruba people, be clairvoyant.

A Yoruba proverb says “ifura l’ogun agba” meaning “clairvoyance is the charm of old wise men”

Man, be sensitive….

Be hardworking and wise on Monday as with any other day.


A drop of honey for your week…

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