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The topic for the discussion is “THE BENEFITS OF SCALP MASSAGES FOR HAIR GROWTH”. This session was led by Abiola Olawuyi.

Before I go on, I want to state some of the things we’ll be trying to achieve in this discussion.


  • �����Have a basic understanding of what scalp massage is or entails.
  • �����Understand some easy ways to do it.
  • �����Learn the benefits.
  • Amongst a few other things,

What is scalp massage?

It’s simply a massage on the scalp
Rubbing points on your scalp, to reduce tension, improve blood flow and so on.

Ways to do a scalp massage


There are several ways to do a scalp massage

  1. You can opt for going to a spa or a salon.
  2. You can also do it for free by yourself

To do it yourself, all you need are your fingertips�
You can gently rub your scalp and work your way around it ensuring you cover all points of your scalp. Do this for 10mins at least (you can do it for longer)

You can also make use of a scalp massager.
This will help you cover more ground faster, and it doubles as an exfoliator for the scalp as well.

Another thing you might need is a hair oil
This completely depends on you as there are a variety of hair oils and our hair textures vary.
From olive to coconut, to peppermint, to avocado oil, Shea butter and much more, you can make use of hair oil that works for you.

Specific points to massage on your scalp.

Now, there are specific points on your scalp that you could focus on.

  • �����Your edges
  • �����Your nape hair (the part just above your neck)
  • �����The highest point of your head

Benefits of performing a scalp massage.

Now we’ll be moving into the benefits of scalp massages for hair growth.

  • Scalp massages are a great method to boost hair growth. It helps increase and stimulate blood flow to the root of the hair and improves blood circulation to the scalp.
  • So if your hair goals have anything to do with healthy, lengthy hair, you should add scalp massages to your routine.
  • Scalp massages also unclog the pores and follicles, they stimulate the scalp to produce thicker hair as it tends to stretch the follicles beneath the scalp. Remember our scalp massager? It helps with this. Also, note that you don’t have to do vigorous scratching of your scalp. You can be thorough and gentle at the same time.
  • Doing a scalp massage also helps hair products, such as hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and so on, to work well. When scalp massages are done before and during product applications, the scalp absorbs the products much better because blood vessels are dilated during circulation thus helping the skin absorb products better.
  • Another plus to this would be that it relaxes you and reduces tension and stress. After a long day and a warm bath, it just feels good.
  • Using a scalp massager can help get rid of dandruff or psoriasis in the shower, as dead cells will be softer in water.

Note this when you want to try a scalp massage for hair growth.

  • Consistency and patience are important in all this.
  • Start by doing it for 5 minutes every night. Then 10, then night and any other time you get.
  • Remember not to scratch with your fingernails. Form the habit of massaging with your fingertips every time you feel the need to itch.

Question from the discussion:
How often should one do it?
How to find time for it? Cause after a long day one might just tend to forget.

You can do it as often as you’d like. If doing it nightly doesn’t work for you, you can try it in the mornings.
You can also try doing it as part of your bath routines. Or any free time you get

Thank you for reading through. If you have any questions or would like to ask a question, please leave them in the comment section. Abiola is reading through it and will love to give you an answer. Also, remember that Abiola runs Anjie’s Accessories. So, if you need any hair accessories, bonnets, scarves, or scrunchies, do well to reach her through her site.

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