Do I Need A Birthday Wishlist?

Do I Need A Birthday Wishlist?

In another 30 days, I’ll be older. The thrill of all this birthday hullabaloo is always fascinating in these times. The sudden rush to start keeping tabs on goals. What have I achieved? What is yet to be done? There are also the thoughts and questions of, “What are my agemates doing?” What were my mentors doing at my age, and what am I doing now? Then the acclaimed birthday comes, and you are not up for celebrating. Beyond all these, one thing that has never popped up in my head is gifts. Have I ever received a birthday gift in recent times? Or do I need a birthday wishlist to channel thoughts and energy for me?

I’ll be 23 in a matter of days and I feel like for the first time in my life I am actually bothered about gifts. The last time I can say I received a gift was from a student at my PPA on Valentine’s day. Now, I am doing, God when? God how? Olugbala which way? Or is it because receiving gifts is not my love language? Well, that is changing and I need gifts. So much so that I am considering a birthday wishlist.

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Am I Pro or Anti Birthday Wishlist?

You know, when it comes to things like this, there will always be the contention of whether it is necessary or not. Is it good or is it wrong? Is it a way to tell people what you want or direct your faith? Or are you just a beggi beggi with class? Also, is it an immature thing or not? Are you pressuring your friends?

There are so many questions that have come up on this birthday wishlist matter. Why can’t we all just be like Big Brother Naija graduates and receive gifts enough to fill two Dangote trucks? Where are my fans? A house in Lakwe or Ibeju Lekki is not really a bad idea. A Range Rover and an all-expenses-paid ticket to Sun City. Don’t I deserve all these as a queen and more? One should not be eating ‘in royal massive addy’ everywhere and all the time. Send me gifts good people.

To return to the original question, am I a pro or anti-birthday wishlist? Well, for me, it all depends on the intention behind it. It could be a genuine way to channel faith. It could also be a way to help out my friends who want to get me a gift. Or to take away the excuse of “I didn’t know what to get you.”

In summary, I am pro birthday wishlist. Although, I have never drafted one and then sent it out.

Should I feel bad for drafting a birthday wishlist?

If you are not being greedy, stingy, and, like I said, classy beggi beggi. No, don’t feel bad.

Imagine someone getting me airtime worth thousands of Naira when all I needed was data. Strangely, it comes in at a time when I have MTN’s extra time worth 2k to be repaid. Now, that will be painful.

After drafting your wishlist, who knows? Maybe just one person can fulfill it. Don’t dull. Ask, and it will be given to you. A wishlist is also called a gift registry. Drafting and curating one is super cool for weddings, your kid’s birthday, a baby shower, and other memorable events. Don’t be shy about it.

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Why is a birthday wishlist important?

A birthday wishlist is important for the simplest of reasons, to get what you want exactly how you want it. But for the sake of the people at the back, I’ll put it in organized notes.

Help Your Friends Stop Guessing

Your birthday register will help your friends know what to get and take away the excuse of ‘I didn’t know what to get you’. Be straightforward, state your needs, and watch your friends bring them to life.

Keep Track Of Your Gifts

With your birthday wishlist, you can keep track of what you got. After all, you have a list, and you will know what to cross off the list by the time your birthday arrives.

Know Who Gave What And How To Thank Them

You don’t want to be called two weeks after your birthday by Nigerian people telling you you don’t know how to appreciate them. Or by your next birthday, no one gets you anything because you forgot to say thanks. With a birthday wishlist, you can easily say thank you. You know how we like to say in Nigeria, thank you is an open door for more. Create your wishlist, say thank you, and expect more next year.

It Is A Super Fun Way To Celebrate

You and your friends can goof over your birthday wishlist. Laugh over how fun it is. Include a pack of Caprisun in there, a pack of Fresh Yo, and party packs. Not every time a plot of land in Lekki or other big stuff.

A Birthday Wishlist Can Also Be A Way To Give Back

Remember Davido’s friends and the Instagram story birthday pool? That money was later given out to the less privileged. It is also pretty interesting to see people who organize birthday giveaways, donations to an NGO, fundraisers, and other charity events for their birthdays. So, you see, your birthday wishlist doesn’t necessarily have to be about you.

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What Should Be On My Birthday Wishlist?

Your Needs

What’s the point of having a wishlist without you getting what you desire? The top of your wishlist should be your needs. What matters to you? Put it right there at the top. The flip side is, your friends, or those with access to the list, need to know how much this is important to you. You cannot be talking about a wishlist without anyone knowing the importance of these items.

What Your Friends Can Afford

Please consider your friends while drafting a wishlist. They have lives and their birthday desires. Don’t ask for what you will not be willing to give. The flip side is that, all of our friends have different pocket sizes, so wish away but with decorum.

Things That Will Bond Your Friendships

It will be super chill to curate a wishlist, get gifts, and them back to your friends. picture a wishlist where your friends get you the gifts but then, you exchange them with your friends, a wishlist made of your friend’s desires. that will be a super blast birthday.

Your Desires

Well, let your friends splurge on your birthday. Go out on super fun dates, a boat ride, a weekend getaway, or a mini vacation. Just include super fun things as part of your wishlist.

Your Wants

Yup, part of your list should also include your wants. As you can see, it’s the last thing on the list because, as we know from economics and the grand scale of importance, your wants are minor. It is not something that will be entirely memorable in the long run. So, it is last but not least on your list.

So, put your list together. It is not a sin or beggi beggi. It’s super fun, and it’s about getting the right gift. My birthday is 30 days from today, January 27. Here is my wishlist. I definitely won’t type this long story without first drafting one. It is my first wishlist, and it’s not big, so let’s go. Tap here to wish me a happy birthday

Have you ever come up with a wishlist before? What did you include? Did you get all or a few items on your list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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