It has been 31 days already out of 365. 31 days that we can’t get back, 744 hours that we can’t have back and 44,640 minutes we’d never get to live again.

We will however have to deal with the consequences of our actions.
Remember those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, where are you with them now? How far have you gone?

I told myself that I’ll start saving but I didn’t till today. At the beginning of the year “why do we make resolutions?” I always had a weird feeling about new years’ resolution. I feel we should rather have plans than resolutions. Plans to change, grow, develop, build ourselves, drop bad habits etc. I also remember saying we should have achievable plans and goals. That we subdivide our goals into short, medium and long term goals.

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So, January has ended where are your plans right now? For me, had plans to focus on my final year project, work on my blog, prepare for two examinations (one academic and the other professional) and also, focus on my finances.

An idea, why not cut your plans into twelve and achieve them in bits.
Today is the last day of the month, take time to reflect on your achievements and shortcomings.

Weigh them. If your shortcomings are more, you need to work hard to regain lost time and if your achievements are more, you need to work even harder so there are no lapses.

I am particularly concerned about finance. Cut down on unnecessary spending. Save a lot. Control your spending and work on a budget. Like I said before, this year, separate business from friends.

For relationships, have a symbiotic relationship with people, not parasitic or a commensal relationship. Meet people, network and connect.

Learn new things, if you don’t know something you ask.

Most of all, learn to be grateful for what you have.



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