You hear people say, “I am no longer under my parents”. What exactly does it mean?

A lot of youths today when it comes to our finance make the statement that we are still under our parents. Meaning, in purely human terms that the bulk of our financial income from our parents. There’s no additional source because we feel we are still in school.

So our topic, “When Do You Realize You Actually Need to Work More?”

The responsibility of taking care of a child’s finances rests solely on the parent of that child. This responsibility begins to shift when that child nears the completion of his/her higher education. For most youths, they are still in the euphoric state where reality has not dawned on them and for a lucky few, they’ve realized it from day one.

Still, yet, a lot of these youth start getting it right from their penultimate year and begin to work towards the goal of making something worthwhile of their lives, some are not opportune until their Final year, some immediately after and while some never get to experience reality breaking dawn on them.


The development of talent and acquiring of skills should begin to be worked on from the university days. Our university system goes beyond normal lectures for our first, second or third degree.

People who fail to realize this are the ones who end up waltzing into the sea of yahoo or runs…. Or illicit forms of gaining finance like gambling, cyber theft or crime…

The goal shouldn’t be to make money…but, to make money in happiness and comfort and optimal satisfaction.

You should realize you need more work from the very first day of applying for a degree.

when do you realise you need to work more
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The question most people do not ask themselves is why exactly am I going to university? To get a degree and then what? I become a lawyer so what?

  • First, find your dreams, goals, plans and purpose in life.
  • Find a vision and run with it.
  • Work on your talents.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Stop being in dependence and be independent.

Even if what you set out to do isn’t bringing in much at first. Don’t stop. It’s an effort. You’re working towards your freedom. You can’t do it in a day or year.

No words again, but this, will be revisited.


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