I know that I am not the only one who struggles with this – making money as a student. Have you ever been so broke that you’d find any means (good means o) to get money? Like you’ve tried a lot of other means and calling home is not even an option.

So, I heard there is looming now. I can’t even try that looming thing, not after losing N2,500 to scammers. Funny story, read here.

How are we now going to survive? The month just started, it’s not even up to a week yet and somebody is broke already. Funny enough, it is when you don’t have money that bills will start piling up. When you have money, you don’t even notice. But, right now almighty bills are piling and it is those little things that eat up your money.


That is when you’ll need money to print projects, pay for I.D. card, group assignment, print, photocopy, pay one faculty or department due and the way I hate most, NEPA bill.

Let me just say it, this Final Year thing is a scam. Department will collect money, faculty will want to collect it, then, there is a convocation due waiting for you. I will soon open up my own final year package industry, it seems there is money in it, let me loom on it.
With these how do we survive or gather enough money? I want money, I don’t love it because it is the root of all evil but I need it.

So, as a student, you can make money from these sources. I gathered based on my research. Before, doing any of this; be disciplined with your spending.



  1. Develop a skill. Harness whatever you can do. Skills like baking, tailoring, hairdressing and barbing will always be needed by students. Also, cooking/catering.
  2. Invest. If you are a smart money person, I recommend Forex (foreign exchange) for you. The pay-out is good; take your time to learn. I feel it’s better than always betting and losing money.
  3. The Internet. Yes, the internet. Don’t spend much on data if you are not making anything from it. Start a blog, a brand ambassador or become an online influencer. It takes just social skills.
  4. Start a business. All you need is to look for your area of interest and a good market. You could always start a low key business in school with little capital.
  5. Take surveys. Online surveys pay and will help you develop your thinking capacity.

I wish I was exposed to this in my 100 level days. It’s never too late to start. Just think deeply. Don’t and never let it affect your studies. Always think ahead, invest in your future today.

Please, let others know what you think and share other areas of student income in the comments section.

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