Who Set The 25 Year Benchmark?

Who Set The 25 Year Benchmark?

Whether or not you want to accept it, the 25 year benchmark exists. at this stage, you have just begun a Quarter-Life Crisis. Who names these things right? � Personally, I affirm that I�ll not experience anything like a crisis. However, there is this pressure that exists at that stage. You think about what your life will be, plans goals, and the achievable and almost unachievable.

This is not to scare you, though. For me, I still have a couple of years before I hit the big 25.

I am sure you have the saying that �a fool at forty is a fool forever�; I�ll like to add what the world has for 25. A fool at 25 will most likely be a fool at forty and then a fool forever. Crazy dynamics, right?

Marriage Before and After The 25 Year Benchmark

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While thinking about this, I came across a YouTube video from Laju Iren alongside her husband, Emmanuel Iren. In this video, they shared how they got married at the young age of 23/24. With the way things are, is this still possible? On a lighter note, this is something I look forward to doing still on track for it, by the way.

Once you hit 25, it is like the biological clock of your life just enters x2. It is even more wonderful for ladies. You should at least be in a relationship by now. The rush at this stage is wild.

We have drawn attention to those who are getting married late. Saying they will raise children in their old age. I think, let people be. We can�t all do it the same way. Many were without choice. And if someone consciously decides that, they shouldn�t be blamed.

Money vs. The 25 Year Benchmark

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Something you must have heard as a social media trend is the grand plan to retire by 30. If you are on track for this, please drop a comment. The only thing I�ll say about this is don�t kill yourself. Is it possible, yes? But by the time you retire at 30, what will you be doing for the rest of your life? It is not possible to just be spending money alone, Even if you invested in Apple shares from the day you were born. Your money will not finish o, but the person will be finished. Move with speed, but don�t be in haste. Ever heard that life begins at forty?

Young people are now being diagnosed with hypertension (check your blood pressure). hope you see the need to relax now?

Myths Associated with Being 25

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5 common myths associated with being 25 include:

  1. 25 sounds old. This is a lie, especially for those of us younger than this age, 25 is very much young.
  2. You should have a car by 25. Sounds fun until you need money to maintain the car. Get a car if can handle it not because your age says so. Take an Uber.
  3. You should be in a serious relationship. My dear, try to be single but not alone. There is a difference.
  4. At 25, you should have travelled to at least 5 continents. People are going to space now. Why are you limiting yourself? Trends will always change. If the money you have is to visit rivers Niger and Benue confluence, please go.
  5. You should have moved out of your parent�s house. Have you seen the price of 1kg of gas? Boya, you should go back to your family’s house.

Work Hard, Play Hard at 25

One guy saw me buying Capri-Sun and was like, is that for you? Yes, my love. I�ll not stop because of you.

As you try to be in society�s timeline, please live a little. Don�t come back at 50 and start telling us 25 things you wish you knew at 25. We will all be 50 by then too. What should we do with that info?

Always remember that not everything has to be figured out at once. Still, just keep moving forward.

Like we say on the blog, a drop of honey for your day. Please share thoughts and opinions about the 25 year benchmark in the comment section. I would love to read it and also, others can learn from it.

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