There is so much hysteria when it comes to travelling out. Most people don�t even waste time to think about it, some people have never even thought about it. When the opportunity presents itself they are quick to jump at it.

Not that I�m against travelling abroad but I want to see reasons to stay here, I�d love to travel out and just have fun. A permanent stay would depend on a lot.

Here are 11 reasons why I’d rather stay in Nigeria.

Note that they are strictly personal and are likely to change.

  1. Can we leave by road? If we can�t, I�d stay back. No means of transportation is safe but some are at higher risk than others. Still, prefer road than you know, air accidents or being in a ship. I can�t do 1-month travel so I don�t want road either. I have heard that the most dangerous planes are the ones on the ground, I don�t know why but those planes on the ground would eventually get into the air right? So let�s stay. Maybe, I could get a driver, drive to Libya or Egypt or Morocco and take a ship across the Mediterranean and arrive in Europe. Or I could just wait for a bridge to be built across the Atlantic from Africa to the Americas.
  2. People are already leaving, so why leave? A lot of people are already rushing out in search of opportunities. It sounds farfetched but if everyone leaves who would be left. Every day a lot of women are having children either single birth or double birth but then, I�d wait those children are not competition. I still have members of my generation, the generation before my generation and the generation after to battle with.
  3. Those people who left before are coming back. A lot of them are coming back either for positive or negative reasons. Eventually, you can�t stay abroad forever. If you want to leave and not return take all members of your extended family with you. I find it really funny when you hear some old folks say, �I want to be buried at home�. So the living you should enjoy abroad and the unliving you be brought back. Seriously?
  4. It�s not all rosy over the seas. Strange but true. It has stayed hidden for long. It is not only in the movies, it is reality. When you hear people who travel abroad say they don�t have money. Some work multiple jobs, women as nannies, secretaries, cleaners etc. every foreign currency sent back home is toil and sweat. You want to make it easy, please, be sure you have a job and accommodation before going or that skill you have been neglecting take it with you. Please, do whatever job you find to survive as long as you have a goal and don�t intend to do menial jobs for long. rosy life
  5. The comfort and pride you have here are most likely going to be better than what you�d have overseas. A lot of these people would never do these menial jobs in Nigeria.
  6. If I decide to leave Nigeria, it won�t be to work but to expand and get better opportunities (note this is me)
  7. If I decide to leave Nigeria, it won�t be to work (note this is me) but to enjoy. There are enough jobs in Nigeria, not like I have one now and not like I have one abroad either. I prefer the idea of holidaying to just hovering around. And there are even enough holiday resorts here.
  8. I won�t leave because if it was bad there nobody would go. Let�s work on the home so we can stay. If we continue to leave everything bad here what would be left. It would appear so unfixable. For those searching for jobs outside, fixing Nigeria is job enough.
  9. It is relatively peaceful here. At least we know our problems already. Why jump into another man�s problem in his house? It might sound like a lame excuse or reason but there is no natural disaster in Africa, ok, flooding and erosion, but really? Where the problem is known solution is imminent.
  10. Even if Nigerian splits today, I still believe we are one. One source. walking on eggshells
  11. There is no other place in the world like Nigeria. No place like where you come from. I�m tied here. I can roam around the world but like we say we die here.


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