A conversation with a friend you have not met in a very long while is capable of going awry. Imagine the conversation going this way:

A: Hey, what’s up? Long time

B: I’m fine, it’s been a while, I am where you left me. You just forgot me and are enjoying it.

A: I didn’t forget you, no time

B: I know, you are now big, we are not in the same category again.

If you have never had this conversation with a friend, then you are definitely not a Nigerian.

It might seem abstract and to me, it is, so many friendships are lost on the basis of flimsy reasons like this. I remember a friend once told me that “twenty friends cannot play together for twenty years”.

Well, this year’s not about forcing relationships. People think it’s a matter of enjoyment or change of class or pride. But, in truth, how many of these people check on you. The belief is you forgot them. How about they who didn’t check on you and yet, didn’t forget you? So, when you were having challenges who checked you?

The thing is, it’s quite easy to pass judgement on people and play the blame game, it is difficult to believe that you are also on the same side with who you accuse.

You have not been keeping in touch, why not start now? Why continue in the premises of bitterness?

This is a habit that has to end now. It’s very bad. If you feel you are not being checked on, not even snubbed, accept that the person has moved on but be cool on the basis of how your friend has been. I feel it is just a test of the foundation of friendship. The thing is, as people move on or grow, every individual has their own added responsibility and it makes it hard to keep up on even time not less of friends. How many friends do we keep up with?

Well, learn to keep up with a sense of self-worth if you are being ignored. And if you are, don’t conclude. Also, do the checking up. Communication is a strain on friendship, be the linking chain.


You don’t know what people also pass through.

Also, Mr and Mrs Growth and Change, don’t forget where you came from.

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