As it happened, at the beginning of the year, I was looking for N10, 000. I had already made up my mind to save it up. There�s no harm in that. I looked at how easy or hard it�d be but since in the long run, it would be beneficial to me, why not go ahead. So, I started saving.

Unfortunately for me, while scrolling through Instagram on the 2nd of January, I came across this sponsored post. I must tell you that the ad looked vivid and quite captivating. It was a financial ad. It was caption for students and stay at home mothers who wanted to make extra earnings. I clicked on the link and behold, I joined a group on WhatsApp.

After joining the group, we, first-timers were welcomed on board by the admin/manager. She then began to explain the whole process to us. You pay N2, 500 to someone in the group. Then, you get paid N5, 000 in 24 hours. How? Somebody else will pay you. It was that simple. In my mind, I had calculated that by the end of 10 days maximum, I�d have my N10, 000. At least, when my N2, 500 gets returned, the other N2, 500 I earn would be used to get me. Mine would be the initial risk. What could be better than that?

When the first Ponzi scheme, MMM, started, I remember I was so against it. Turns out some people benefitted more from it than I did from my non-Ponzi scheme.

And so, I paid. 24 hours, you say? No problem, I�d wait. Since, a few other people were sharing their testimonies, I was excited and hopeful. I had begun planning how to spend the money.


24 hours later. No alert. I gave it time that the day was too early. By evening, nothing. I messaged the admin. She said not to worry that it was a lapse and she�d pair me with someone else. I said ok. The 3rd day, nothing. The fourth day, nothing. The fifth day, I couldn�t take it again. I started to realize then that it was just a set of five people who always received alerts, others were complaining too. I then messaged the admin that at least I could get my initial and own N2, 500 back. Wahala, admin refuse to respond. I went to the group to complain.

Not too long, I was removed from the group. It felt like Indian movie. I could not cry or shout. Admin did not pick call again. I then realized that I had been SCAMMED.

It feels easy to talk about now. I know how I could have spent the N2, 500 on my head and enjoyed myself. I�d literally jaiye o ri mi (eat the life of my head- direct transfer).

I came across the link again and decided to share my story, I joined the group.

Lo and behold, it is now N5, 000 and you get N20, 000 in 4 days. Laughs.
I believed I was scammed by some Igbo men. No tribal prejudice but it�s true. Salute to my brothers.

Tell me what you feel in the comment section. Did I really not look out? Was I not careful enough?

Have you ever been scammed? Share your experience in the comment section, we�d love to know and let others learn. Thanks. Kisses

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