What Should I Know About Getting A Head Start In Life?

What Should I Know About Getting A Head Start In Life?

I know you will be wondering what getting a head start in life means and how it concerns you. Well, a quick example. As you know, today April 30, at least half of Nigerian university students are sitting at home. No thanks to ASUU. All of the greatest gbogbo, gbigbi and gbagba, the slay queens of campus and Zaddies are at home running sweet smooth errands. Meanwhile, in another part of Nigeria, some students are chilling with their lecturers, rounding up semesters and some like they say are entering the world.

What Does Getting A Head Start in Life Mean?

Getting a head start means having the advantage over someone in either a contest or a race. So, getting a head start in life will be having an advantage over others in life.

Head starts comes as a result of many factors. It could be educational background, financial status, age, access to networks, consensus, better public opinion, volunteering, business grants and so on and so on.

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When you start to realize that head starts are a thing is when you see people in the same setting as you are, same skills but they just seem to have it all. Simply, things have opened up for them but not for you. Well, they had an early start and you didn’t.

Back to ASUU, the results of this strike will only come after. When you see employers stating that they prefer candidates from a particular private institution. Then, an all-out war breaks out on Twitter with people justifying poverty. When in truth, if you had the means, you would have been positioned for better.

My Experience with Getting A Head Start in Life Meant

I got to experience this when I got a job and I wanted to move upwards. People with the same skills age grade and certifications are already positioned at the top. The feeling of being left behind or not doing well enough came.

It was after I took time to study the entire thing that I realized that these people had access and better positioning. I mean I cannot be somewhere in a remote town in Kogi and eyeing the position of someone who has been building networks in Abuja or Lagos.

The world is a global village now, thank God. Maximize your social media! Make valuable use of your life, time and network. If you have to change location do so. I am now a Pro-Japa activist, I can’t believe I used to be Pro-Stay where you are.

Anyhow, one day I changed my mindset. I saw how stifling it was. My dears, do away with a poverty mentality, o wrong men!

How To Go About Getting A Head Start in Life

Be Educated

I know I started with ASUU, it goes to show how important education is. A degree, a technical skill, tech knowledge, just know something and be an expert in it. The start of any good thing is education. Without certain knowledge, some doors will stay locked to you.

Start A Career Or Build A Business

Not all of us can be founders. We can’t all be C-Level execs. Either way, find what suits you and build. Leave a legacy behind for those after you. There is a reason why we still remember people like Awolowo and Azikiwe and why their families will blink and it causes attention. You have your own time now, what are you doing with it?

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Get A Solid Partner

The person you marry has a huge say in what you become. For those who don’t start early, being with a person who will even make your kids start late in life is terrible. Open your eye and go to the market.

Be Financially Intelligent

Learn money management. Save and invest wisely. Head start or no head start, money makes the world go round. It’s why Elon Musk can buy Twitter just because he wants to put an edit button. While at it, avoid Ponzi schemes my dears.

Network and Build Valid Connections

This cannot be over flogged. Building this blog is through my connections. Every job I have gotten is through a friend or someone I know. We like to bring down people because they get leg, you sef get leg. You will need it. I am not endorsing nepotism o because people will abuse opportunities. Just be good and position yourself for remembrance. Be qualified, or else your leg sef is paralyzed.

What Am I Saying?

This post is not to make you feel bad. It is just to tell you that privilege exists. Not all of us have it. Not all of us can maintain it. Also, there is a lot of work to be done if you didn’t enter the race on time or with the right tools or connections.

However, your choices do not only affect you. While you may meet up, choose an early starting line for your kids. Make sure you give even better to your children.

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Decide Where The Starting Line Is

Also, getting a head start doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. It all depends on you or whoever it is. Someone with an amazing start can throw it all away. A person with no balancing beam can just go on and eat all the cake despite not having anything.

What does it mean? It all depends on you. But, don’t envy people and want to covet their spot, that is witchcraft!

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