With everything that has been going on since the beginning of the year till now, let’s just say now that life is not short, time too isn’t. But, it is time that accounts most for what we do with our lives. It is time that matters. No one knows when theirs would run out. Life and time are embedded in each other.

Time is fleeting, Time flies, Time waits for no man, time is short, it is brief, it is unpredictable etc. You can always tell what time it is but you can’t tell what happens next unless of course, you are gifted with that ability.

It is what you do with the little time that matters and counts.

But then, time isn’t time for everyone. It is not the same thing.



Imagine every CEO has a lot of staff to do his bidding even if it is just 1. They work 8-2, 9-5, 10-3 or as long or short as possible; he has bought their time. Still the same 24 hours for him/her but imagine accomplishing more because you now have someone to do the work for you. You get extra, add-ons. The worker in his own stead has sold out his time for pay. The remainder of his 24 hours are for family and barely gets some for himself.

In this time, when everything seems not to end, a lot of people have come up to say create, make the best of this situation, learn a skill, read books, develop a business plan and many more.

For some, it is time to get their well-deserved rest and breaks.

Others see it as a time to bond with family and friends, catch up on lost times. Time they never got to do that.

While for some, sadly, time has run out.

At the end of this, we’d lose count of the amount of time gone and it’d seem like yesterday, just a day. What matters most is if you’d be able to account for every bit of it and if you’d be satisfied with how you spent it. This amount of time may never come again for some people.

Life is not short. Time is not short.

Time is fleeting.

What do you think? Is life short? Is time short or just an element? Let’s know what you think in the comment section.


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