incommunicado happy black woman using smartphone under red blanket


How do you deal with a lover who doesn’t communicate? Or goes completely incommunicado on you? What do you do when efforts to reach out fail? I mean, a relationship is meant to be 100 percent. What happens when one of the two parties sets up a wall so high […]

count your blessings person holding red and black beads


So, it’s been one week since the launch of HONEYDROPS BLOG. I remember writing about frustrations and all that. I just realized that it is easier to dish out advice than to take or keep that advice yourself. All the talks on not giving up, staying, positive, pressing on, pushing […]

life in a glass strawberry shake


“Life in a glass” is having all the necessary dietary requirements in one cup. Or what we call these days, ‘eating the rainbow‘. Smoothies are thick, cold beverages made from pureed raw fruit and sometimes vegetables in a blender. Smoothies can be blended with other ingredients such as water, ice, […]

slow and steady


How far must we travel in life before we arrive at our destination? Get there, as in attainment, accomplishments. Do we really need so much speed? What exactly is the rush for? If you get it, then what? How about we take things slow and steady? Success is overrated these […]

colorful male specie of eastern bluebird starting flight new beginning


So, this is officially the first post here on HoneyDrops. This marks new beginnings and the start of something new for me. Hopefully, everyone who gets to read this aims to start at something. I have had this idea for over two years, but my mind kept failing to figure […]