When you are playing a game and you are on the last life, you know two things are bound to happen. It’s either you win or it’s GAME OVER. But, at that point a lot is running through your mind like, how not to fail, for example, you become extra careful, more alert, senses you never even knew where there come alive but it all depends on one thing how interested you are.

Your resiliency and determination to win keep on driving you, you definitely would want to get an extra life as time goes on. There’s no stopping with every extra life, you’d want to win. You keep on going from level to level. And with each extra life, your confidence increases.

How about when it’s game over? What do you do? You definitely will feel sad. You could leave the game and come back some other day. Take a break or rest. Or you could forget about it totally and move on to something new.

Well, we only have one life to live. However short or long it is and it is up to each individual how they want their life to be. It’s kind of crazy the things we do. The kind of changes we make and how we gamble and joke with what life throws at us.

Some opportunities only come by once. Some relationships can only be forged once. A lot of things are once in a lifetime and once lost, they are irrecoverable.

It is also pertinent to note that a lot of lives and dreams rest heavily on your decision at that particular moment. I can imagine a football team depending on a player to get a goal in a penalty shootout and the opposing team depending on their goalie to make a save. It’s either a win or a loss for either of those teams. Be the star for your team. Decisions aren’t just limited to your person; future generations are also affected by the choices you make.

Don’t throw everything away.

Don’t hold onto valueless things. Learn to discern what’s what and what’s not.

Life’s short. Guard those precious things jealously.

Hang onto what is good.

We only live once.




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